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Zining Mountain Cave Hike, Clifftop Camp & Morning Tai Chi Masterclass 

from Hangzhou

Taoist cave trail hiking. Clifftop camping. Sunrise Tai Chi and Tu’na breath work.

Hike mountain trails to mountain caves, BBQ and play social games under the star, and sleep on a 400m-high camping platform. Wear monk’s robes, meet a master of Tai Chi and learn the movements of an ancient Eastern heritage artform.

A guided Zhejiang province mountain tour that combines the great outdoors, exercise, Eastern philosophy and martial art.


Meet up. Lunch. Zining Mountain Campsite || Kung Fu Cave Hiking. BBQ || Boardgames. Camp clifftop.

Meet up. Depart. Lunch.

[08:30] Meet up with your guide. Get acquainted. Depart.
[11:30] Arrive in Tiantai county city. Eat lunch in the city center.

Zining Mountain Campsite. Kung Fu Cave Hiking.


[12:00] Finish eating. Re-board transport. 

[14:00] Arrive at the ‘sky platform’ campsite. The campsite is located atop a 400+ meter high cliff, overlooking the city with a 270° open panoramic view. See an ocean of city lights at night.

Set up your tent and get to know the campsite, then go hiking on the mountain trails.

Taoist 'Kung fu'mountain cave: this is where the influential Kung Fu techniques which would become fundamental in Shaolin and Wudang were born. Shaolin and Wudang are the two authoritative schools of Chinese Kung Fu.

BBQ. Board games. Camping.


[16:00] Hike back to camp. Cook together on a coal-grill BBQ. Eat, drink, get to know each other.

[19:00] Play board and card games. 

Board games: We’ve got Exploding Kittens, Secret Hitler, Landlord/Monopoly, Werewolf Kill, Crabs and other fun games.

Camping or Cabin: Please note, if you would prefer to spend the night in the nearby cabin accommodations, just let us know.

You can choose freely.


Sunrise Tu’na Breath work. Tai Chi masterclass. Country style breakfast. Tiantai CBD specialty snacks. Return to Hangzhou.

Sunrise Tu’na Breathing exercise. Tai Chi masterclass.

[06:00] Rise and Shine!

[06:30] Change into Taichi clothing, then head out to the cliff platform. Meet the Taichi master. Learn breathing exercises in preparation for Tai Chi.

[07:30] Train the basic forms of Tai Chi with the master. 

About Tai Chi: a national-level Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage artform. It has roots in Chinese Confucian and Taoist philosophy, with the concept of the Ying&Yang dialectic at its core. Tai Chi is multi-faceted, promoting both physical and mental health, and is useful in self-defence. It combines wisdom from Chinese Yi-ology, Chinese pressure point principles, ancient ‘guiding’ techniques and Tu’na to create an inside-and-out balanced, gentle, slow, light, yet forceful martial art.

Finish up and head to breakfast.


Country style breakfast. Tiantai CBD specialty snacks.


[08:30] After Tai Chi, eat a local Chinese homestyle breakfast.

[09:30] Take a short rest. Pack up and head down the mountain. Board transport.

[10:30] Arrive in CBD Tiantai. Browse and taste-test local specialty snacks before we hit the road back to Hangzhou.

Return to Hangzhou.

[13:00 - 17:00 Arrive back in Hangzhou. 

See you next tour!



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